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Douro Wine

IVDP Regulation n.º 48/2006
Regulation of Designation, Presentation and Protection of Douro Appellation of Origin and Terras Durienses Geographical Indication.
See Document (Portuguese only)

IVDP Regulation n.º 37/2005
Grape brandy regulation for the Douro Appellation of Origin (Douro Muscat) and Port.
See Document (Portuguese only)

Decree-law n.º 190/2001 of 25th June 2001
Approval of the Status of the Douro Appellation of Controlled Origin.
See Document (Portuguese only)

Decree-law n.º 254/98 of 11th August 1998
Recognizes the Denominations of Controlled Origin "Porto" and "Douro"; establishes general rules related to the region's demarcation, to its soils, grape varieties, cultural practices, registration and wine classification and winemaking.
See Document (Portuguese only)
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