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Interprofessional Council

The Interprofessional Council, on which producers and trade are represented in equal proportions, is fully responsible for managing and coordinating Douro viticulture.  Accordingly, it is responsible for executing most of the IVDP’s responsibilities in all matters relating to wines entitled to the Port and Douro denominations of origin and to the Terras Durienses geographic descriptor.  These duties include promoting the interests of the professions, adopting strategic plans and better coordinating the distribution of these products on the market, publishing the vintage communiqué, proposing rules for launching products on the market, setting annual adjustments to the maximum yield per hectare and to the amount of Port Wine that may be produced each year under license (benefício), as well as regulating the production and trade of these products.

The Interprofessional Council is composed of:

Gilberto Paulo Peixoto Igrejas

 António Lencastre Menezes e Cruz
 António Fernando da Cunha Saraiva

Port Wine Section:

Representing the producers:
     Mário Artur Correia Lopes.
     Celeste Idalina de Carvalho Marques.
     Victor Manuel Aguiar Teixeira Morais.
     Maria Alzira Lima Viseu de Carvalho.
     Pedro Carvalho Kendall.       

Representing the trade:
     António Jorge Marquez Filipe.
     Francisco Carlos de Azeredo Pinto Barata de Tovar.
     Jorge Manuel Morais Alves Dias.
     Gonzalo Pedrosa.
     Maria Isabel Magalhães Queirós de Sousa Cardoso Fernandes Marrana

Douro Wine Section:

Representing the producers: 
     António Camilo Rebelo da Costa.
     Manuel Sebastião Vasques Mesquita.
     Paulo Maria Máximo Morgado.
     Zulmira Maria Sobral de Matos Cardoso Pinto.
     Catarina Maria Mendes Albuquerque Rodrigues Pizarro Castro.

Representing the trade:
     José Teles Dias da Silva.
     Jorge Chamis Rosas.
     António de Oliveira Bessa.
     José Maria d’Orey Soares Franco.
     António Azevedo Soares Guedes.

(Decree n.º 12 554/2004 of 26 June 2004, as amended by Decree n.º 14 342/2004 of 20 July 2004).

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