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Coa Park

Gravura Paleolítica do Vale do CôaThe Palaeolithic figures of the Côa Valley are spread along the margins of the 17 final km of the Côa River and on the valleys of the Douro next to Coa’s river mouth. “Its big importance comes from the fact that, until its discovery, it was thought that Palaeolithic rock art only appeared inside the caves.”

The visits to these sites are made from the head office in Vila Nova de Foz Côa and from two reception centres in Castelo Melhor and Muxagata

Trained guides will drive the visitors in Park vehicles from the Centres to the rock art sites, through paths that weren’t altered, just improved.

It is advisable to book the visits in advance, either by phone (+351 279 768 260/1), fax (+351 279 768 270) or e-mail (visitas.pavc@igespar.pt)

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